Monday, July 11, 2011

Staff Personality

Incorporate staff with outgoing happy personalities that complement the trade show presenter. Show that your company is a team effort.

Not everyone is a morning person; some people need ten cups of coffee while others just need to lift their head off a pillow. Make sure you're selecting the right people to work your trade show booth.

People in charge of working a trade show booth need to have the personality to attract attendees to a booth.  Smiling staff, cheerful voice, and an upbeat look on life make for good booth staff.  The Marketing Manager has to be aware of the  image their staff gives to a bypassing attendee.

Big city conventions destination offer great nightlife, which temps your staff members to stay out late, and thus the next day are dragging.  The overzealous sales staff are now struggling to function, which can hurt lead generation.

When attending a destination with great nightlife, offset your staff start times.  Assign early and late start times.  This allows staff to plan their nights accordingly and gives them the opportunity to have fun, but also get the proper amount of rest.

Understanding your dynamic of your sales team will allow a Marketing Manager to design a perfect booth staff team whose best selling personality will always be at its peek performance.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Engaging Trade Show Attendees Increases Booth Traffic

A trade show presenter involves your visitor’s into the presentation. Better to have them busy doing something – anything – and they will stay longer in your booth.

Window-shopping is not really browsing from a far.  For people to enter the store the need to have a desire or must peak interest.  Every day we drive by thousands of stores that have window displays, but out of those how many actually make you stop and go into the store?  Trade show booths are similar in concept.  The goal is to stop people and have them enter your booth.

A car dealership places a 10-foot purple gorilla in parking lot just to get you to look in their direction.  What do you have in your booth that draws attention, let alone causes attendees to stop and engage you in conversation?

Unlike a store or car dealership that has physical bounties separating them from the customer, vendors working a trade show booth only have inches and can talk directly with the perceptive customer. Engaging people into a conversation or activity will increase your ability to create booth traffic.  Activities like games, live presentations, balloon art, and variety entertainment to name a few will bring a large ROI then having literature stacked on a folding table.

Engage, attract, become the talk of the conference allows a company to increase lead generation and improve their experience at a trade show.  Not engaging the customers is rookie mistake and is the blueprint to failure.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trade Show Booth Transforms into an Oasis by adding Water

Hydrating the Staff, a Simple Solution to Improving a Trade Show Experience

All day long trade show staff is working, the constant inaction with customers and the long trade show days fatigues booth staff.  Their voices get weaker, energy levels drains and they need a refreshing drink. Water energizes the body, keeps the voice from disappearing and the staff hydrated.

Consider a trade show is like the Sahara Deserts, a wasteland of carpeted trade show booths covering a concert floor.  Construction dust lingers in the air from build out the day prior, traffic of people with different colognes, hair conditioners, and product fragrances fill the air you breathe. The constant chatter between attendees, vendors and booth staff wear at your voice.  It does not help that you entertained vendors the night before at the hotel bar and are up early working the trade show floor.

Water, which makes up 90% of your body, is great for refueling the mind, lubricating the voice, and is inexpensive drink.  Having water available in your booth will allow your staff to work better and reduces them going on excursion trips seeking out something to drink.  A case of water can be purchased at a local convince store.  Excess water can be passed out to other vendors or attends the last today of the show.

Transform your booth into an oasis by adding water and watch your competition wither away from exhaustion and fatigue.   

Dale Obrochta is a professional trade show presenter who uses promotional balloon entertainment to build trade show booth traffic. He is a leading entertainer in the balloon entertainment industry who consistently works trade shows and corporate events. Magical Balloon-dude Dale is balloon entertainment at its best!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trade Show Giveaways – Create a Buzz and Draws Attention

Selecting the right giveaway can create a buzz.

All around the trade show floor you hear, "Excuse me, where did you get that?" The craze for the giveaway is creating a buzz on the floor.  I can be a light flashing pen, ball, balloon animal, or a puzzle.  Vendors from the trade show floor seek out a new gimmick and promotional item to keep them occupied while working the trade show floor.  Attendees collect anything that looks interesting, but vendors who do multiple trade shows a year have seen it all and when something new appears everyone must have one.

Now, the purpose of a giveaway is to draw attention to a booth and having a unique giveaway will create a buzz.  You will quickly learn that if you have an interesting giveaway, vendors will start showing up at your booth. Other vendors will direct people over to your booth.  Personally, I have seen vendors holding or playing with another vendors giveaway and have somebody asked, "Where did you get that?"  The vendor directs them to your booth.  That is one reason why I instruct booth staff never to play with another vendor's giveaway while in the company booth.

Customized balloon giveaways are like magnets to vendors – they quickly seek out the entertainer making the creations and want on for themselves or their booth.  Which is great marketing tool for your booth have another booth advertise your giveaway?

Whatever the giveaway you chose look for uniqueness and creativity that will cause a buzz on the trade show floors.  Skip the pens and pencils and look for something that will give you the bang for your buck and create a buzz.  If it is not going to create a buzz, why give it away?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unique Giveaways Draws Attention

Travel up and down a trade show floor and you will find an endless supply of pens, paper clips and candy.  Everything you don't need or want will be given away. The purpose of a giveaway is the gimmick to draw somebody into your booth space.

Words spread quickly among vendors when a cool giveaway is on the floor.  Some vendors opt to hide the really cools stuff and only present it when a "potential" customer enters a booth.  Many times on the last day of the show vendors, handout everything just to avoid the cost of shipping the material back.

Some companies giveaway the same thing every show.  Does not matter what the show is, how long of an event or how much money they are spending to participate, the giveaway will be the same. Others work very hard to associate the giveaway with a theme of the show.  Quite often, these wacky giveaways go to the kids or brought back and given away to office staff. 

Successful vendors customize the giveaways so there is a larger meaning to the gift then just a pen.  Manufacturing companies will engrave names, cut out sports logos, or hire entertainers to create unique giveaway that are cherished, not simply discard back at the hotel.

Water, food, gift cards are all part of the trade show giveaways that attract attention to a booth.  Many times, you have no idea what the giveaway is because it hidden behind a display, tossed on a table or booth staff is playing with it.

Do not rely on a giveaway to draw attention to a booth. Look at a giveaway as a thank you for stopping into my booth and talking with me about my product and service. Present it as a thank you and not as a snatch and grab object like some many companies do.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Double Trade Show Leads

A trade show presenter has one specific goal and that is to help with your booth advertising. Yes, a booth presentation is advertising. The revenue it generates determines if the show was a success or not. If your presenter fails to help generate leads i.e. revenue, then it is a flop.

Professional presenters will take time to learn about your product and help develop a routine that shows product benefit to the attendees. The scripted routine allows the presentation to be creative and informative. Sales staffs as good as they may be at speaking, are not entertainers and lack the charisma of a professional presenter.

Employer would never ask a new employee to write the companies training manual, but will ask them to work an important trade show booth.  Just their inexperience can reduce productivity and the finesse needed to lour prospecting attendees into to a booth is nonexistence. Eliminating inexperienced and ill-prepared sales staff and replacing it with one professional presenter will double leads.  After all, this is what they do for a living.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Engaging the Audience

Knowing the right questions to ask in a trade show booth will assist in lead generations.  Too often, inexperienced staff asks the wrong questions and before you know it, the potential customer is walking out the booth. 

The secret is in the phrasing of the questions.  We all know to avoid one word answer of yes and no. However, the trick is to ask an open-ended question that relates to your product or service. Think of it as your elevator speech for your trade show booth. You only have 30 seconds to catch the attention, so use it wisely.

The question needs to be inquisitive, but also asked in an interesting manner. Look at sentences that start with; we've made it possible to… or imagine the possibilities if you could… The key is to peak their curiosity and draw them in to a conversation.  Once they engage you, follow through and ask them if they have a specific problem they are seeking to solve at the show.  Now you know the real reason why they are attending or entering your booth and you can fully assist them with their needs.  If they tell you, they do not have a problem and are just fact finding, that's great – these are future clients.

Be creative when you engage your audience and they will hang around to talk.  Once they start talking find out why they are there and capitalize on it. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crowds attract Crowds

Converting a crowd of observers in to customers is what a presentation should accomplish.

People are curious in nature.  It can be a car crash on a highway, a free sample, or even a pitchman working a trade show booth stops people just long enough for them to see what is going on.  So drawing a crowd is not difficult, making them stay and listen to a sales pitch is the difficult task.

Cleaver pitchmen learn that they need a hook to keep the crowd from walking away. They will use comedy, magic, quick-witted dialog to hold the audience's attention and in that period deliver a well constructed message.  Moreover, at the end of the presentation, you need to register for something before they give away information promised in the beginning.

Drawing the crowd is the easy party, work on developing a well-crafted sales pitch that talks to the perspective client and transforms them form observers to customers.  That is what you must achieve when drawing a crowd around a booth.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Rationale of Why You Hired Trade Show Presenter

The main job of your trade show presenter is to grab the attention of a visitor and bring them into your booth to learn more. Wild crazy rock climbing stunts, girls in cheerleader uniforms and video games are just some of the crazy stunts that sales manager think of when trying to draw attention to their booth. 

Transforming your booth in to a sideshow or arcade looses focus of what you are trying to sell. Nobody on the show floor knows what you are selling.  All they know is… Did you see that booth over there?  Ever see a big name celebrity signing autographs in a booth, they drew a crowd, but no leads are being generated. 

The goal is to generate leads, qualified leads. Placing a pretty girl in a tight skirt in front of your booth and she can gather all the business card you want.  Try turning them in to a sale and you will quickly learn these "leads" are garbage.  Select a presenter that will help you generate leads and be entertaining at the same time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Selecting the Perfect Trade Show Booth Presenter

Presenters have strength and weakness when it comes to a booth presentation. Some presenters are comfortable standing in front of a group of people regurgitating a speech from an ear prompter, while other like to interact with the audience.  Booth size and location will determine presentation style.  Large booths encourage people to come in and sit, while corner booths try to gather people in two isles. Typically, they have a podium in the corner of the booth to exploit booth location. Booths in the middle want to engage in conservation and stop you dead in your tracks.

Others think gadgets can replace the human interaction. Just because it is the newest game craze, does not mean it going to be a hot attraction in your booth.  People like to interact with people, its part of our social and society makeup to gather in groups. In addition, sales staff find it easier to disseminate information to an attendee when watching a presentation the when they are in grossed in a game.

Select the right presenter and you will increase your booth traffic and improve the quality of your leads.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tip for Planning your Next Trade Show

A Trade Show Presentation doesn't have to Draining your Budget

Determine what your objective is and how you are going to use the trade show presenter in the booth will help you find the right individual. Many companies do not clearly define what they want the trade show presenter to achieve. All they know is they need some type of activity in their booth.

How is the presenter going to help you in your booth? Are you looking to gather large crowds, an Emcee communicating technical information, looking for models to help handout literature or a mixture of this and that?

Once you defined what you want to accomplish with the presenter, you can now start to envision what the booth setup will be like and how the traffic pattern will flow through or around the booth. Planning and budgeting how the presenter will interact with you, your product and attendees in your booth, takes planning and a little thought. You can create a fun interactive booth presentation without draining your budget just by thinking it through.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

QR-Code, the Future of Phone Apps at a Trade Show

Every vendor on a trade show floor is fighting to draws visitors to their booth. Vendors spend thousands of dollars on displays, marketing material, presenters and staff. Each has a specific goal – make it easy for the attendee to obtain information. In 2011, techno geeks are now marketing the QR-code as a quickly way to distribute information at a trade show, but I say "Don' waste your time on it."

Why QR-Code Fails

The QR-Code is a hybrid matrix barcode that requires a barcode reader on your smart phone to display the information. Imagine we are walking the trade show floor – bag in hand, the newest giveaway trinket in the other and we come to a booth. There are products we have interest in discussing. Along side the product is a square barcode (QR-Code). The vendor is now expecting the attendee to reach into their pock and find their smart phone, launch the barcode reader app – That is, if you have a smart phone and have the barcode reader app loaded. Next, you have to scan the code, which takes you to the information web page on your phone. Let's be realistic, most people would not waste their time. You can get a better response with a dedicated person requesting the attendees email address and having a staff member email the information direct to the attendee.

Having a person dedicated to just emailing information is costly from vendor perspective, but makes it easy for attendee to obtain the information they need to buy your product or service. I feel it is better to turn your booth into an information drive-through center then having frustrated executive fumbling around with a smart phone.

QR-Code are great for selling product or service that link directly to a smart phone, but the amount of people who have barcode apps or their phone, let alone know how to work it, is limited. Save that precious space on your literature for a real web URL- company log or better yet, a picture of the product then placing technology crazed QR-Code.

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