Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Engaging the Audience

Knowing the right questions to ask in a trade show booth will assist in lead generations.  Too often, inexperienced staff asks the wrong questions and before you know it, the potential customer is walking out the booth. 

The secret is in the phrasing of the questions.  We all know to avoid one word answer of yes and no. However, the trick is to ask an open-ended question that relates to your product or service. Think of it as your elevator speech for your trade show booth. You only have 30 seconds to catch the attention, so use it wisely.

The question needs to be inquisitive, but also asked in an interesting manner. Look at sentences that start with; we've made it possible to… or imagine the possibilities if you could… The key is to peak their curiosity and draw them in to a conversation.  Once they engage you, follow through and ask them if they have a specific problem they are seeking to solve at the show.  Now you know the real reason why they are attending or entering your booth and you can fully assist them with their needs.  If they tell you, they do not have a problem and are just fact finding, that's great – these are future clients.

Be creative when you engage your audience and they will hang around to talk.  Once they start talking find out why they are there and capitalize on it. 
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