Monday, July 11, 2011

Staff Personality

Incorporate staff with outgoing happy personalities that complement the trade show presenter. Show that your company is a team effort.

Not everyone is a morning person; some people need ten cups of coffee while others just need to lift their head off a pillow. Make sure you're selecting the right people to work your trade show booth.

People in charge of working a trade show booth need to have the personality to attract attendees to a booth.  Smiling staff, cheerful voice, and an upbeat look on life make for good booth staff.  The Marketing Manager has to be aware of the  image their staff gives to a bypassing attendee.

Big city conventions destination offer great nightlife, which temps your staff members to stay out late, and thus the next day are dragging.  The overzealous sales staff are now struggling to function, which can hurt lead generation.

When attending a destination with great nightlife, offset your staff start times.  Assign early and late start times.  This allows staff to plan their nights accordingly and gives them the opportunity to have fun, but also get the proper amount of rest.

Understanding your dynamic of your sales team will allow a Marketing Manager to design a perfect booth staff team whose best selling personality will always be at its peek performance.
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