Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Rationale of Why You Hired Trade Show Presenter

The main job of your trade show presenter is to grab the attention of a visitor and bring them into your booth to learn more. Wild crazy rock climbing stunts, girls in cheerleader uniforms and video games are just some of the crazy stunts that sales manager think of when trying to draw attention to their booth. 

Transforming your booth in to a sideshow or arcade looses focus of what you are trying to sell. Nobody on the show floor knows what you are selling.  All they know is… Did you see that booth over there?  Ever see a big name celebrity signing autographs in a booth, they drew a crowd, but no leads are being generated. 

The goal is to generate leads, qualified leads. Placing a pretty girl in a tight skirt in front of your booth and she can gather all the business card you want.  Try turning them in to a sale and you will quickly learn these "leads" are garbage.  Select a presenter that will help you generate leads and be entertaining at the same time.
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