Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trade Show Booth Transforms into an Oasis by adding Water

Hydrating the Staff, a Simple Solution to Improving a Trade Show Experience

All day long trade show staff is working, the constant inaction with customers and the long trade show days fatigues booth staff.  Their voices get weaker, energy levels drains and they need a refreshing drink. Water energizes the body, keeps the voice from disappearing and the staff hydrated.

Consider a trade show is like the Sahara Deserts, a wasteland of carpeted trade show booths covering a concert floor.  Construction dust lingers in the air from build out the day prior, traffic of people with different colognes, hair conditioners, and product fragrances fill the air you breathe. The constant chatter between attendees, vendors and booth staff wear at your voice.  It does not help that you entertained vendors the night before at the hotel bar and are up early working the trade show floor.

Water, which makes up 90% of your body, is great for refueling the mind, lubricating the voice, and is inexpensive drink.  Having water available in your booth will allow your staff to work better and reduces them going on excursion trips seeking out something to drink.  A case of water can be purchased at a local convince store.  Excess water can be passed out to other vendors or attends the last today of the show.

Transform your booth into an oasis by adding water and watch your competition wither away from exhaustion and fatigue.   

Dale Obrochta is a professional trade show presenter who uses promotional balloon entertainment to build trade show booth traffic. He is a leading entertainer in the balloon entertainment industry who consistently works trade shows and corporate events. Magical Balloon-dude Dale is balloon entertainment at its best!
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