Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unique Giveaways Draws Attention

Travel up and down a trade show floor and you will find an endless supply of pens, paper clips and candy.  Everything you don't need or want will be given away. The purpose of a giveaway is the gimmick to draw somebody into your booth space.

Words spread quickly among vendors when a cool giveaway is on the floor.  Some vendors opt to hide the really cools stuff and only present it when a "potential" customer enters a booth.  Many times on the last day of the show vendors, handout everything just to avoid the cost of shipping the material back.

Some companies giveaway the same thing every show.  Does not matter what the show is, how long of an event or how much money they are spending to participate, the giveaway will be the same. Others work very hard to associate the giveaway with a theme of the show.  Quite often, these wacky giveaways go to the kids or brought back and given away to office staff. 

Successful vendors customize the giveaways so there is a larger meaning to the gift then just a pen.  Manufacturing companies will engrave names, cut out sports logos, or hire entertainers to create unique giveaway that are cherished, not simply discard back at the hotel.

Water, food, gift cards are all part of the trade show giveaways that attract attention to a booth.  Many times, you have no idea what the giveaway is because it hidden behind a display, tossed on a table or booth staff is playing with it.

Do not rely on a giveaway to draw attention to a booth. Look at a giveaway as a thank you for stopping into my booth and talking with me about my product and service. Present it as a thank you and not as a snatch and grab object like some many companies do.
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