Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret to Hiring a Trade Show Presenter

Why do I Need One and what are my Options?

A trade show presenter is a communicator who knows the art of communication and uses their abilites to gather the largest number of attendees to booth.  Few companies attending trade shows have a qualified person to present and gather information in front of an audience.

Understanding  how your business will communicate its message to the audience establishes the basic criteria needed in choosing the correct trade show presenter.  These criteria's on how the presentation will be communicated by scripting, podium presentation, using audio visual technology, gimmicks, over the top presentations, or the presenter's relies on the ability of the presenter.  Experienced exhibitors know that each conference is budgeted different and booth size and marketing criteria is appropriated differently for every trade show.

The  objective of every trade booth is to generate sales and to inform the attendee about your company's product.  Achieving this is knowing how to efficiently utilizing a trade show presenter as a gimmick attraction or as a stage presentation.

Sideshow attraction works best in 10x20 booths and allows information, entertaining, and  lead generation to occur when the presenter interacts with the audience and inquisitively seek out key information to assess their need level.   The higher the need level, the faster the trade show presenter turns the attendee over to qualified sales staff.

Large presentations educate the attendees on products requiring attention getting tactics and typically larger booths.  High tech data displays and pretty girls are there to dazzle the crowd into staying and watching the  show.

Large presentation are normally 3-4 times an hour while lead generation occurs when the trade show presenter requests the audience to enter into a raffle or qualifying for a discount being offered at today's show.

Companies look for a return on investment when hiring a trade show presenter.  Accomplishing this is by understanding your business needs and knowing what the trade show presenter can offer.  Know what your goals are and how your going to achieved them makes selecting of a qualified trade show presenter easy.

Dale Obrochta is a professional trade show presenter who uses promotional balloon entertainment to build trade show booth traffic. He is a leading entertainer in the balloon entertainment industry who consistently works trade shows and corporate events. Magical Balloon-dude Dale is balloon entertainment at its best!

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