Monday, March 28, 2011

Crowds attract Crowds

Converting a crowd of observers in to customers is what a presentation should accomplish.

People are curious in nature.  It can be a car crash on a highway, a free sample, or even a pitchman working a trade show booth stops people just long enough for them to see what is going on.  So drawing a crowd is not difficult, making them stay and listen to a sales pitch is the difficult task.

Cleaver pitchmen learn that they need a hook to keep the crowd from walking away. They will use comedy, magic, quick-witted dialog to hold the audience's attention and in that period deliver a well constructed message.  Moreover, at the end of the presentation, you need to register for something before they give away information promised in the beginning.

Drawing the crowd is the easy party, work on developing a well-crafted sales pitch that talks to the perspective client and transforms them form observers to customers.  That is what you must achieve when drawing a crowd around a booth.
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