Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Engaging Trade Show Attendees Increases Booth Traffic

A trade show presenter involves your visitor’s into the presentation. Better to have them busy doing something – anything – and they will stay longer in your booth.

Window-shopping is not really browsing from a far.  For people to enter the store the need to have a desire or must peak interest.  Every day we drive by thousands of stores that have window displays, but out of those how many actually make you stop and go into the store?  Trade show booths are similar in concept.  The goal is to stop people and have them enter your booth.

A car dealership places a 10-foot purple gorilla in parking lot just to get you to look in their direction.  What do you have in your booth that draws attention, let alone causes attendees to stop and engage you in conversation?

Unlike a store or car dealership that has physical bounties separating them from the customer, vendors working a trade show booth only have inches and can talk directly with the perceptive customer. Engaging people into a conversation or activity will increase your ability to create booth traffic.  Activities like games, live presentations, balloon art, and variety entertainment to name a few will bring a large ROI then having literature stacked on a folding table.

Engage, attract, become the talk of the conference allows a company to increase lead generation and improve their experience at a trade show.  Not engaging the customers is rookie mistake and is the blueprint to failure.

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