Wednesday, March 2, 2011

QR-Code, the Future of Phone Apps at a Trade Show

Every vendor on a trade show floor is fighting to draws visitors to their booth. Vendors spend thousands of dollars on displays, marketing material, presenters and staff. Each has a specific goal – make it easy for the attendee to obtain information. In 2011, techno geeks are now marketing the QR-code as a quickly way to distribute information at a trade show, but I say "Don' waste your time on it."

Why QR-Code Fails

The QR-Code is a hybrid matrix barcode that requires a barcode reader on your smart phone to display the information. Imagine we are walking the trade show floor – bag in hand, the newest giveaway trinket in the other and we come to a booth. There are products we have interest in discussing. Along side the product is a square barcode (QR-Code). The vendor is now expecting the attendee to reach into their pock and find their smart phone, launch the barcode reader app – That is, if you have a smart phone and have the barcode reader app loaded. Next, you have to scan the code, which takes you to the information web page on your phone. Let's be realistic, most people would not waste their time. You can get a better response with a dedicated person requesting the attendees email address and having a staff member email the information direct to the attendee.

Having a person dedicated to just emailing information is costly from vendor perspective, but makes it easy for attendee to obtain the information they need to buy your product or service. I feel it is better to turn your booth into an information drive-through center then having frustrated executive fumbling around with a smart phone.

QR-Code are great for selling product or service that link directly to a smart phone, but the amount of people who have barcode apps or their phone, let alone know how to work it, is limited. Save that precious space on your literature for a real web URL- company log or better yet, a picture of the product then placing technology crazed QR-Code.
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