Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tip for Planning your Next Trade Show

A Trade Show Presentation doesn't have to Draining your Budget

Determine what your objective is and how you are going to use the trade show presenter in the booth will help you find the right individual. Many companies do not clearly define what they want the trade show presenter to achieve. All they know is they need some type of activity in their booth.

How is the presenter going to help you in your booth? Are you looking to gather large crowds, an Emcee communicating technical information, looking for models to help handout literature or a mixture of this and that?

Once you defined what you want to accomplish with the presenter, you can now start to envision what the booth setup will be like and how the traffic pattern will flow through or around the booth. Planning and budgeting how the presenter will interact with you, your product and attendees in your booth, takes planning and a little thought. You can create a fun interactive booth presentation without draining your budget just by thinking it through.
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