Sunday, March 20, 2011

Selecting the Perfect Trade Show Booth Presenter

Presenters have strength and weakness when it comes to a booth presentation. Some presenters are comfortable standing in front of a group of people regurgitating a speech from an ear prompter, while other like to interact with the audience.  Booth size and location will determine presentation style.  Large booths encourage people to come in and sit, while corner booths try to gather people in two isles. Typically, they have a podium in the corner of the booth to exploit booth location. Booths in the middle want to engage in conservation and stop you dead in your tracks.

Others think gadgets can replace the human interaction. Just because it is the newest game craze, does not mean it going to be a hot attraction in your booth.  People like to interact with people, its part of our social and society makeup to gather in groups. In addition, sales staff find it easier to disseminate information to an attendee when watching a presentation the when they are in grossed in a game.

Select the right presenter and you will increase your booth traffic and improve the quality of your leads.
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