Friday, November 6, 2009

Survival Tips for Working a Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows in the beginning are an exhilaration rush, but quickly turn into boredom for inexperienced exhibitors. Being properly prepared for the trade show floor will keep the trade show experience exciting and help you stay attentive in your booth. A trade show exhibiting requires mental and physical stamina.

Consider the physical stress of standing for long periods of time in one place. This is not normal for most sales staff. Long hours of dealing with people, the trade show environment, and the change in daily actives wears at an individual. Here are some ideas to help make your trade show booth day more enjoyable and successful.

  1. Shoes – Don’t wear new shoes to a trade show. Purchase a good pair of shoes that have solid arch support and are comfortable. Purchase shoes weeks in advance and break them in prior to the show. Tired feet are a major problem on a trade show floor. The wrong shoes will lead to leg and back soreness which will lead to an grumpy disposition. This is not the image to display to new clients.
  1. Clothing – Choose sensible and conferable clothing that you have worn previously. New clothes can be scratchy or make you feel uncomfortable. Dress in layers if possible. Normally the trade show floor is cool in the morning and by late afternoon excessively warm.
  2. Low Energy – Most employees take a lunch break, but a trade show booth requires staffing the entire day. Arrange for lunch breaks. Don’t bring food to your exhibit. Most trade show managers have a no eating in booth clause which is outlined in your registration agreement. Leave the booth and get food. The break, along with the snack will revitalize and give you the energy to finish the day off strong.
  3. Bring Water – Make sure you bring water to keep yourself hydrated. Convention facilities are not like a office, they don’t have a humidifier to help keep the air clean and moist. The dry air along with continuous explaining your company’s products and services can weaken your voice.
  4. Partying the Night Before – If you are visiting a city like Las Vegas it is very tempting to stay out all night and play. What you do the night before will come back and haunted you the very next day. Plan your event before the trade show. Reducing impromptu partying, will minimize hangovers and prepare you both mentally and physically for the next day.
  5. Booth Survival Kit – Aspirin, Eye Drops, Band-Aids and Tums can keep the employees functioning at 100-percent. Trade show lights, noise and physical stress can cause headaches. Some people complain of eye irritation from the dirt in the air, carpeting fibers and allergies. Eye drops can refresh and soothe weary eyes and give the added relief to both contact and no-contact wears. It never fails somebody will require a Band-Aid or safety pin so it is best to have them on-hand. Choose your favorite anti-acid because trade show lunch rooms are not fine dining cuisine.
  6. Take a Break – Breaks are leaving the booth to visit other vendors. The change in scenery along with physical activity will increase blood flow to the body and bring the energy level up.
  7. Breathe Mints – Hours of talking, drinking water, and trade show food can cause bad breath. Bring enough for the entire sales staff. The minty flavor along with the sugar will increase your energy level.
  8. Boredom/Slowdowns – Every trade show traffic pattern has ups and downs. When booth traffic decreases, socializing with other exhibitors should become a priority. At this time other vendors are looking to do something and are vulnerable to a sales pitch. Be respectful and listen to their pitch as intensively as they listen to yours.

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