Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Excelling in Trade Show Lead Generation

 There's been a disturbance in the FORCE.

Sales managers are starting to understand the dark side of trade show marketing. Trade show lead generation takes more then buying a booth at an industry show and having leads stuffed into their pockets.

Planning must be addressed and the smart trade show managers are doing so, without hesitation. They know, to be successfully in a trade show booth, you need to use all the marketing tools available.

Let's face it, drawing crowds to a trade show booth means nothing if you cannot attract the right people.

This is accomplished by pre show marketing, a well crafted SEO, and the ability to get a message delivered successfully. If you are not doing this then your just spitting into the wind and hoping it does not smack you in the face.

Let's avoid the embarrassment of failure and learn the techniques that allow you to walk away from a trade show with pockets full of leads.

There's only one way to accomplish this.

Details are at...


Come to the dark side, it is not a just evil, it is just trade show marketing.
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